With sunshine or the crackling cold - the colours and smells of nature are always inspiring. While enjoying this wild beauty, we also realize how great power surrounds us every day. Solmann's Dye studio is away from the hurrying world. In the space that allows the spirit to fly freely. In the summer and autumn, we can touch the wake and fall of nature. Winter is the best time to enjoy deep snow (or mud). In spring you can get carried away by the song of the birds. There is plenty of space for nature itself and our small family with pets and a small garden.
The journey to plant printing began with the desire to bring botanical colours closer to us. Surround our home and bodies with different shades and patterns of plants. It was time to give fabrics a new meaning by preserving and valuing nature. Plant-based dyeing is an archaic process - a slow and enjoyable, which again and again yields a surprising result. We also find many dye plants in nature or our garden. So we put a big piece of ourselves and the plant energy into each item we make.
In our production, we strive to give back the energy and raw materials taken from nature with a peaceful heart.