Madder Extract

Dyer ́s Madder (Rubia tinctorium) is one of the oldest dye plants used to get the red tones. Grows more widely in Central Asia and the Middle East.
It is possible to achieve a variety of shades by changing the pH, temperature or the use of various mordants in the dye solution - brown, pink, terracotta, rust red, turquoise, violet or blueberry red. It is easier to get red tones by adding calcium carbonate (chalk) to the dye solution. The addition of acid (citric acid, vinegar) will change the colour in the direction of the orange.
After diluting the dye extract and raising the temperature to 60 degrees, place the fabric in a pot and heat for up to 2 hours at occasional stirring. The temperature mustn't increase by more than 75 degrees, because, at high temperatures, the colour tone becomes brownish and dull.

How much extract to use for 100g of dry fibre:

Light Medium Dark
 Madder Extract10-20%20%-100%100-150%Calcium carbonate makes tones redder

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